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Global Clearances Pty Ltd Is a clearance house only and the go between suppliers and buyers. We will proceed with any business transaction and any purchasing order under the conditions set by the Vendors (Suppliers) that own the various inventories, Not by Us. These conditions are non-negotiable, therefore all purchases require full payment before any merchandise is dispatched from any country. All the offers are all clearance parcels. We do not work with Escrow Accounts or LCs.

If you are interested to proceed with any parcel, then a small Deposit (10%) must be paid direct to us. This will enable us to lock the deal for you and to instruct the Supplier to remove the parcel from the market and start preparing the stock for immediate dispatch. Under no circumstances will any stock be dispatched unless full payment is received.

We are only brokers and traders so before you commit in any deal please make sure that we do not accept cancellation of orders as such cancellation might have some serious impact to your financial obligations. Please make sure you are 100% secure with the order that you surrendered to us and make sure the inspections are per your approval. In the event also that, the order that has been given to us, the stock is not available any longer, we will do our utmost to keep all parties happy, or replace that stock with other stock or ask for the money to be return but under no circumstances we will be held responsible for third parties money. So please make sure, to take close look to our inspections or be present to check the stock your self, prior of transferring any money.

It also came to our attention that certain companies, without any notice have change our invoices in order to pay less at Customs in their country. Again if such thing occurs, which is highly illegal, we take all measures that will have again financial impact of the company that has done so.

Procedure Of Finalising A Deal

  1. Official order from the buyer
  2. 10% Deposit to lock the deal
  3. Inspections by Veritas or SGS
  4. Email the report to the buyer
  5. T/T the remaining 90%
  6. 2nd Inspection by Veritas or SGS as the container is loaded and locked
  7. Stock is on its way to you!