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GLOBAL CLEARANCES PTY LTD , is an Australian company based in Sydney. We are a registered business, complying with all Australian laws and regulations. We are a part of an extensive global network group with offices and agents around the World. Our agents act as our liaisons in various business transactions and dealings of the company. They make sure that everything moves in a harmonious and safe outcome for all parties, minimising any risks of something that can go wrong. We deal direct, with major groups all around the World. Everything we buy and sell is 100% Authentic, genuine, and most importantly ready to go that moment.


Here in Australia, border security laws are very strict and tough on what is coming through the border. Despite there being some flexibility on particular lines, we always produce invoices to Customs, providing details of where the stock came from and sometimes authenticity papers to verify that what we import is not in fact a copy or a counterfeit product. We pay full attention to the law and we expect our suppliers to respect that.


Australia is a free trading zone so we can import anything as long we have invoices and as long it does not breach any trademark or copyright laws. Our job is to make sure that everything will move smoothly and to the satisfaction of the buyer.

Sometimes people inquire about samples. This can be very difficult to obtain due to the fact that our business revolves only around one off special buys. Our name says it all. Unless the supplier sends us samples which will be made available to you, the parcel will be sold. Time in our business is not our best friend and there is always a limited amount of time to be able to take advantage of the opportunity before your competitor does.